Wicked Witches Full Game GIVEAWAY Steam CDKey PC Ends Dec 14th

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I got Wicked Witches game steam key and I would like to give you!

Giveaway draw at Dec 14th 18:00pm -CET-
You can check the CET time zone

To be eligible to win the
1. Subscribe to my Channel
2. Like this video
3. Leave a Comment “Wicked Witches giveaway”

I will publish the winners’ names here and on my

If you win I will send the steam key through the youtube. You can find my private message

How do I decide who wins?
I use random generator. Everyone have same chance to win!

DO NOT COMMENT TWICE OR MORE! If you do I will disqualify you from this giveaway!

If you are unlucky, you can buy this game

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Thank you!

Lol I got it

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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