why ~ GEOMETRY DASH PRIVATE SERVER 1.9 ~ LETS PLAY #51 ~ Blue Thingy ~ Very Hard Demon

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

well, that could have gone worse! 😀 I thought I was gonna die at the wave/drop but I didn’t! I actually wanted to beat this level beforehand, but I was never able too. Was… well, not too fun. but okay i guess

Often more, side gaming videos will be posted here. 😀

If you see a video that doesn’t a thumbnail, that means its available! If you create a thumbnail for that video, please send it to me! CoolStuffGAMING#0388 (Discord) I will most likely use the thumbnail and credit your channel in the des. 🙂

Discord Server! (Crashy Area):
Personal CoolStuffGAMING#0388 (No Spam or Block)
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Steps on downloading the private server!
Go to @download and enjoy. 🙂

Any questions relating to the geometry dash private server, PLEASE. Ask the discord server instead of some random YouTuber having fun on it, they have @support on their server and people to help you.

Top 10 Hardest GDPS Demons (That I’ve beaten! OPINIONATED.)

#1 Checkmate
#2 Mandrake
#3 Annihilator
#4 Oyasumi
#5 The Mine
#6 Blue Thing
#7 True Pathos
#8 Division
#9 Sound Wave
#10 Figured Circles

Enjoyment 4
What shrug, overrated? idk

Peak Demon’s List #8
Peak GD Leaderboard #32

Enjoyment Rating~

0: N/A
10: GD Easy Face (Happier Version)
9: GD Easy Face
8: GD Normal Face (Happier Version)
7: GD Normal Face
6: GD Hard
5: GD Harder
4: GD Insane
3: GD Demon
2: GD Insane Demon
1: GD Extreme Demon
0.1: GD kms Demon

Corsair K95
Model O/G203
Blue Yeti

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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