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This is going to get a lot of hate, though to prove myself legit i’ve been using clicks for almost
the past year now.

Hey guys!

I am making this video to hopefully end hacking in geometry dash
once and for all, many people have been hiding hacks and it
has indefinitely caused a toxic community, recently xander
has confessed to hacking zodiac and nobody even flinched
before his confession, I have for you guys a completely
flawless hacking method that cannot be exposed in any
way to the community. This is the same method I believe
Stormfly uses, though I have no idea if he hacks or not
but I strongly believe he does.

So for this hacking method you will require
Cheat Engine
Megahack V5 by absolute gamer
editing software (I personally use a free software called davinci resolve)
OBS or different recording software

That’s it no fancy tools required time to move to step 1

1. Create or play a level using a main song, let’s take a list demon
arctic arena for example it uses the song “theory of everything 2

2. Open cheat engine and Mega Hack V5, go to the search bar and type
“speed” and click on anti speedhack on the tool, on cheat engine
open the process bar at the top left and select geometry dash
and click enable speed hack, you can set it to whatever speed you
would like.

3. Play the level, whilst recording. you can make a few runs on the level or beat it
but remember it has to use a song built in to geometry dash
as the orbs always pulse the same no matter what the speed
of the game is, try to have sfx off for now it’ll make it easier I experimented with this a few months ago
and managed to make a run on yatagarasu with different testing
using hidden built in songs in the game to sync up 100% with the
orbs of this level, though you can test that for yourself when
you get used to this method

4. open your editing software and speed the level up back to normal
speed, you’ll notice the orbs pulse the same, sync the level up with
the music and make sure that you edit in the sfx perfectly if you
have it enabled, if not and you die in the level cut the song off at the
right frame so nobody will notice anything, the easiest way around
this is replacing the song with a copyright free version so you can
make excuses for the song not syncing perfectly

5. Render, you can have multiple runs of the same level as long as
the song always cuts off at the right point and you can call it
raw footage if you wish.

6. You have your final product.

Be a Pro Not a Hacker!

Sorry for Bad Quality Guys
Comment if you want Part 2!!!!

*We do not Promote Hackings To this Game.. You cannot Hack this Game!… Even you Speed Hack the game.. It needs your Skills mah Brother! Don’t Use NoClip Cheats because it will be Obvious…*

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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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