Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

I’ve watched dozens of free stars videos and checked which still work/aren’t worth the time so you don’t have to.
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Looking for timestamps of levels in this video? Scroll to the bottom.

-How to gain stars on some levels that have been unrated? Simply just beat the level, (make sure you have 10+ attempts if it’s an 8-10 star), save your data and load. You can still click on the level etc, you will always have the stars unless Robtop issues a fix.
-Sadly, you can’t get usercoins or orbs with this glitch, only stars. This glitch only works on levels unrated in a certain time period. Very old unrated levels and very new unrated levels will not work.
-If you’re looking for more levels that got unrated for secret ways that work with this glitch, check the link below, I only included insane levels in this video.

Also, enable FORCE SMOOTH FIX in game settings! Especially on low-end devices, it can have the same effect as a speedhack, but with zero hacks involved. This will probably not be the case in 2.2.

-Personally, I grind with 5 star levels, I one attempt them and if I fail, I move on. Mostly with more recent 5 star levels, as they’re much more sightreadable and consistent than older ones.
-For grinding demons, just beat the demon in practice mode over and over. You’ll notice that almost every practice run, your attempts will go down a bit. When you reach being able to do it in a low number, say 5 or 10 (it’s up to you), switch to normal mode. For example a hard demon you might beat in practice in 141 attempts. Then 138, 131, 125, 120…20,16, 11, and then I might switch to normal.

Levels you might be able to use with the
(note- not all of them work, and some of them don’t have secret ways and are unrated for other reasons)

0:17 Calypso by Ninjai 55714791 (8*)
0:19 Falcon Funk by Xiodazer 4102027 (6*)
0:26 Minority by commentbanned lo 41355862 (5*, 3 user coins)
0:32 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS by NeoSweet 49532196 (10* easy demon)
0:38 Frosty by Celverie 897790 (6*)
0:50 Wave the Galaxy by Elenix 13650125 (5*)
0:54 XSTEP ver 2 by – 66608 (8*)
1:00 Ufo force by Newgdusername 2111306 (9*)
1:06 Party Debug by dead account lo 15150724 (6*)
1:10 Exhale by dead account lo 16457813 (5*)
1:13 super roket 300x by MasterAngel98 905138 (8*)
1:18 New Fade by CreatorSs 11956368 (5*)
1:23 I travel sky by RealKamijo 278514 (8*)
1:29 fascinating step by RealKamijo 758829 (8*)
1:39 dj clubstep by Hexagon Dasher 1222512 (10* demon)
1:57 Electro Cycles 863216 (8*)
2:03 Bloodbath but no by Texic 64968478 (8*)
2:10 Shine by PokoPukich 60486694 (10* easy demon)
2:16 Epilepsy Mania by A145 65953618 (9*)
2:26 Blaster by GameForGame 13547726 (7*)
2:33 Flappy Bird by DzRAS 1372582 (8*) [don’t confuse with Flappy Birds by DzRAS)
2:40 ColorFul Game by Hahaha 3582204 (8*)
3:03 Luckytop 140540 (7*)
3:18 Seeker of demon 847967 (10* easy demon)
3:29 Blue World by Maljot 4472208 (6*)
3:44 Yellow Forest by Giwi 454081 (9*)
4:10 X Fake Heaven 120552 (9*)
4:25 FLAPPY BIRD by TheRealDarnoc 187254 (9*)

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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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