The Ultimate Phase Very Hard Demon 100% | Geometry Dash 2.11

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actual replay starts at 0:16

last 25% is easy but really inconsistent

and of course i had to die at 86 once because I always fail at 86 or 87 on every level

inconsistent 55%, 73%, majacko’s part, 85%

difficult woogi’s part
the rest of the level is kind of easy so this gets a very hard demon rating and not an insane demon one

also i edited the level to remove decoration (some parts were causing my frames to drop or stuttering) and there was a bug at 54% where the blue pads will cause you to crash into an uncovered gap into the black stuff (happens like 70% of the time) so i just put an invisible slope there

Practice mode was not used for this level.

Place on top 100 list as of completion #95

Tool(s) FPS Booster, Online Level Edit Tool
====================================== (theres like nothing here i dont really use this lol) (i dont stream lol)
Thumbnail N/A (Self-made)

-when you say loogia’s part is easy and you die at it like 6 times

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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