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Okay. I’m “sorry” for censoring that word. I’ve gotten at least 100 people commenting saying that I’m a kid for censoring it. But remember, not everyone on YouTube is an adult or teenager. There are children on YouTube. And to most children, that is a bad word. I’m trying to make my channel a place where people of all ages can watch videos, and not be offended by curse words. It may not be a bad word to you, but if you say that word to a teacher or a public official, I doubt that it will end well.
Amazing sequel to the first auto story level. These are simply amazing. Flawless.
Level Name: Rematch
Creator: MacroGDX
ID: 25159735

Music: Dex Arson – Unarmed ( Rearmed ) Feat. Emily Abela

➤ Thanks to pavlukivan for amazing job and help!
Every info in video. If something doesn’t work join to TeamHax discord server and ask for help!

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Gls – Flawless Wings of Yatagarasu

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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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