Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

Don’t trust me with logging in? Use an alternative account.
Geometry Dash servers take 10 minutes (600 Seconds) to refresh the like and download count of each level.

This is the public version of the REAL likebot we’ve been working on with more than 5,000 accounts from voluntary users and creators, we’ve only added 500 accounts on this likebot to keep it safe.

→ Why is it so slow?
Blame the proxies…

Check this level 61054995

► Do you want your level uploaded on my channel? ◄
● Go

► Download + info ◄
● This easy and quick tutorial can be really fun!
● Plist Editor
● Plist Editor

► Check out my creator contest video! Gr8 prizes to win m8s! ◄

► Intro made by ◄

► ANY LEVEL REQUESTS POSTED IN THE COMMENTS WILL BE REMOVED! (Help me by flagging/reporting level requests on this video as spam) ◄

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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