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!ATTENTION! idk why ppl keep on asking me im a girl or a boy.. i just dont get it. cuz like, literally my voice sounds like a girl but why you guys saying like “sounds like a girl even tho ur a guy”
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Tutorial on how to see your OWN Roblox password without using email! make sure to follow all the steps so you guys can see your OWN Roblox password

-watch my part 2 of how to see your pass for more detail about my method
-make sure that you save your password to google or smt when you first sign in to your account (because thats what I did) so you dont get logged out. I recommend you make an alt or another account just to test if my method works so again, you won’t lose your main Roblox account.
-don’t forget to choose the quality video all the way up to 720p for better quality video of course!

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