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I have been busy (not on this project), so I made a small video which explains how you can modify textures and assets in Android APK’s yourself.
This is a how-to create a texture mod for an android game… or just How-to change textures in android games.

Tutorial on how to mod android games so that you can have custom textures, sounds, even creations. It’s very easy and pretty fun to do!

Basically, my three younger (awesome) cousins asked me to make custom characters for geometry dash, so I obviously had to. It’s so easy to do that I decided to make a video out of it and explain how you can all easily modify textures for games also!

0:00 – Stop requesting dumb game idea’s
1:00 – Tools
1:13 – Step 1) Download an APK of the game
1:30 – Step 2) Open APK Studio Editor
1:46 – Step 3) Locate the assets/textures
2:15 – Step 4) Modify the textures
2:29 – Step 5) Save the changes
2:38 – Step 6) Install to phone
3:07 – Step 7) (Optional) Modding Files
3:32 – That’s it!
3:42 – SUBSCRIBE!!!

Releasing source code of a game is not permitted, you will get in trouble (depending what the license for the game is, how long the game has been out, and what you are sharing) So texture mods aren’t the best unless you make it into an installer, since sharing the APK is not exactly allowed.

I do not suggest downloading paid apps for free online.

The custom texture that I made for my

How to use… Watch the video, all you need to do is replace the two files that are in this zip into the assets folder of the geometry dash game.
These are my examples, my X logo with 2 colors is in there, sorry if it’s not exactly clear how it works. I wasn’t going to make a video on this but a bunch of people have been asking me about texture mods for android games so… yup

I know this music is copyrighted, I ain’t doing this for the money. I want to gain popularity so that I want to work on projects more, making me learn more! If you want to help me financially, join my Patreon (link below) Although if you can’t support financially the best thing you can do is share the video, help me get some popularity so that I actually want to work on videos more.

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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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