How to easily get 120 coins UFO in the Geometry Dash

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What an absolute pleasure to play! Let me give my detailed rundown on how much I absolutely adore this level!

Overall I think this level is an amazing recreation of the game Among Us, where your cube is playing as the crewmate or impostor, running through MiraHQ, Polus, and Skeld, all three of the games maps. In terms of decoration I love how Pugmaster pulled off those huge online super jumpy and bopping art style that has defined lines and amazingly colorful designs! He did an amazing job incorporating easter eggs and references to the game such as the Garbage, Map, Admin, and Light Switch tasks which all work to make the gameplay super interactive and fun. The background art has A TON of attention to detail which is SOOO refreshing to see in such an already amazingly fun and vibrant level about a game everyone seems to love. The gameplay is insanely fun and nothing stood out to me as annoying or angering at all, I think this is definitely worth of it’s rating and I’m glad this creator got recognition for their awesome idea!
Now on to the coin

For the first coin route you simply play the level normally, flicking all of the lights on at the start, doing your map task, and running to hit the emergency button. In the end, everyone in the lobby votes for Cyan and the crewmates win the game. I’m not too upset with this level having one free coin considering the other two require actual effort, and it’s a good reminder when you get the coin that others exist in the level as well. It might be important to mention that you can only get one coin per run.

The second coin is a bit more tricky to find and is INSANELY creative in it’s design, definitely something I’ve never seen before. At the start of the level at 1:50 you fall down and grab the knife sitting next to blue. You hold the dash orb at 1:52 all the way up to stab red in the back, and then jump off onto the yellow orb below. You then fall down onto the yellow orb in the lava at 1:57 and jump up to escape after killing yellow. At 2:08 you have to not turn on the lights so that you can safely pass pink and blue, once you do you can drop down at 2:17 flicking the O2 level. You can then shot white at 2:21 by tapping four times to the beat. At 2:25 you have to do a mini jump to the top of the garden, jump over the flower and then drop down to the normal path. This makes a vent open at 2:31 which you fall down into jumping through the vent and back out on the normal path. From here you just complete the level as normal and you get the coin! I love the small little details like the cube being in the background at 2:38 instead of the other imposter as well as the little imposter sign being a cube at 2:29 as well

The third coin route isn’t too different from the second. Tt only involves one more step at the beginning of the level and then plays the same as the second coin route, applying the knowledge from both. You play the start the same as the second coin route, and then at 3:42 you ufo up through the top vent and hit the black orb at the end, then having to do a quick ufo tap to save yourself from dieing. You then can spam at 3:44 to stab blue to death. The rest of the coin route plays exactly like the second. The dialogue actually changes as the emergency meeting at 4:30 which is a super awesome detail to the whole route! Purple gets ejected and the cube and cyan are the remaining imposters, winning the game and giving you the third and final coin.

Overall this level will definitely remain one of my favorite game inspired levels in GD and I can’t wait to see what else Pugmaster has to offer, considering that he obviously has loads of potential given how amazing he is at art, movements, gameplay, and the total vibe and aesthetic capturing of something awesome!

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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