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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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People always ask me “Do you ever plan on quitting Geometry Dash?,” “What’s your hardest demon?,” and “Why do you put so much effort into a game that will mean nothing later in life?” Some are even more creative like “Why have you only played the same three games for the last five years?” and “Why do you care so much about _____?” To be quite frank, I really don’t know.

I would like to be quite open and honest here, online, but also not have it so serious. And I would like to warn people that I’m going to be boosting my ego here, but hey, I warned you early on.

I truly am more than just proud of myself and my accomplishments, and overall just impressed with what I’ve done. To be THE ONLY player, as of July 3rd, 2019, and as of this video, to not use 144hz to ease my way to such an astonishing position. To be able to well balance my well being, my real-world goals and tasks, my online goals, and everything alike. And to be the only star grinder to put so much effort into one little game, from coding an entire updated leaderboard for the star grinding community, a hacker list, and Discord bot, run several Discord servers, be a friend to all, and voice my mind on hacks instead of just doing nothing with it like so many others, being able to do more than just star grind, but create very fun online levels and so much more.

I’ve been through a lot. Ranging from minor dumb decisions that have had negative results and having a very well known GD player and friend getting way more than just upset with me because of secret ways, to a pretty close friend that I’ve known for a long time to stab me numerous times in the back because of the mistakes that I make and then threaten me with one.

I haven’t forgotten all of the steps that I’ve taken to reach where I am today and not suck up to people to get what I want, but to work for every single one of them. I am truly grateful in myself for that.

Please send some love to these wonderful people that have helped walk me through this long process, I wish to stay in touch with them for a long time.
GK NK 98

I have learned so much by playing this entertaining, and sometimes irritating, game. I have met so many people and become such a skillful person from Geometry Dash alone. And to show my appreciation, I dedicated an entire level to myself that I am truly proud of. I hope you enjoy!

And, as always, woof

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Beginning Song
Rising Sun by canonblade
Song 864481


Borealis Peak
Level 36723231

Level’s Sanctuary by Step
Song 469873


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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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