Github Tutorial

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Setting up local and remote repositories, forking a repository, handling a merge conflict, squashing multiple commits, rebasing, how you can use tags in GitHub and many more. All in all, we will learn and cover the following

1-Create an account
2-Setup SSH Keys
3-git config for your environment setup
4-Configuring local and remote repositories
5-Add Files
6-Remove files
7-Commit changes
8-Reverting Changes
9-clone a project
10-Fork a repo
11-Create a branch
12-Switching Branches
13-Checkout command
14-Compare 2 branches
15-merging branches
16-Deleting Branches
17-Create and merge a Pull Request
18-Checking Status
19-Looking at project log
20-Git Stash
21-Git Bisect
22-Git Squash
24-Handling Merge Conflicts

Link to DiffMerge

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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