Geometry Dash World – The 50 Secret Chests Green Key Mystery

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Geometry Dash World - The 50 Secret Chests Green Key Mystery

So the guy in the basement says that opening 50 secret chests unlocks a green key, (To unlock the green lock in the basement) but there is also an orange and blue lock, however, which cannot be unlocked in Geometry Dash World… yet. I thought that unlocking the green key would like trigger something and you could figure out how to get the other keys, but of course RobTop doesn’t tell us. Either it will be available in a future update or I have to unlock more stuff or do more things and then I can find out how to unlock the other two locks.

Basically: Right now using the green key on the green lock doesn’t do anything, but opening 50 secret chests also gets you a really cool socially awkward looking ball, but besides that nothing else besides a message from the guy behind the bars.

If any of you guys know anything about the other locks, please leave some info in the comments! I want to figure out what that guy is. 😀

Also I’m close to getting 500 Diamonds, and unlocking Scratch’s shop. :3

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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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