Geometry Dash: Steam Icons On Android *ROOT*[Outdated]

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

Doesn’t work anymore. Sorry :/

ROOT is required for this to work!

Apps Needed:
– Geometry Dash
– Game Hacker – Google “Game Hacker apk download” and you’ll probably find a result that works.

__________________Step By Step Tutorial__________________

1. Download and install “Game Hacker”.
2. Run “Game Hacker”, minimize it and open “Geometry Dash”.
3. Go to the page where you select icons.
4. Select the 1st icon.
5. Open “Game Hacker” and search for the ID 1.
6. There’ll be a lot of results. Press continue.
7. Select the 2nd icon. Open “Game Hacker” and enter 2. Press search.
8. Repeat these steps by selecting the next icon and search for the next number until there’s only one result left.
9. Press the searchbar that says “Modify selected value”. Enter the ID of the icon you want to change into.
– 47 = Steam icon: “Complete 3 normal levels”
– 48 = Steam icon: “Complete Clubstep in normal mode”

10. Go back to the menu and re-open the iconselection page. Now you got the new icon!

This’ll work with all icons/ships/balls/UFOs etc. Just do the same thing!


Clear things out:

By rooting your device and/or using apps that requires root there’s always a risk for you to brick your device. I’m not responsible for any of the damage these things may cause. You’ll have to do it on your own risk!


Music: Clubstep by DJ-nate
Video Rating: / 5

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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