Geometry Dash Part 2 How to glitch into the 2.2 editor on GD World

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This is just a random video I made on a Friday night. It shows how to glitch into the editor in Geometry Dash World. It also has other random stuff like random pictures I found on my phone. Sorry about the quality of the video, I recorded and edited this video on my phone and some of the audio is super quiet and some of it is loud. But I hope you enjoy this video and I hope It helps you figure out how to make 2.2 levels in 2.1. Who knows, 2.2 could release tomorrow and this video could be totally worthless. Just like me.

Intro Domyeah – Theory of Everything 3

Outro Song (song at 3:08): Dj Nate – Electrodynamix


Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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