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This is an explanation of what the Rating Suggestion System is and how it works. SUBSCRIBE if you like my content. Important links and relevant readings below.

Some extra things to note:
Mods cannot send for Epic rating. This is most likely because RobTop wants this to be his decision alone and not influenced by what others think.
Any “helper system” you find where someone appears to have access to the rating suggestion system is a fake system. Do not believe these people. There is currently something in development in our discord server that might change this
ruling in the future, but for now take caution.
There is apparently a hack that allows for you to supposedly “gain access” to this system. However it is purely client sided and does not actually send the levels. The three best ways to determine whether someone is a real mod or not
are as follows:
1. Check the official list of known GD mods here:
2. Check if the user in question has Creator Points. Every confirmed mod to date has creator points so this is a huge tell if they are lying.
3. Ask a real known mod whether the user in question is a mod.
Official List of GD Mods ➤

Rob Buck ➤
Etzer ➤
Xaro ➤
Discord ➤ RyanAB#1765
YouTube ➤
Twitter ➤

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Art by AmorAMC ➤
Intro by T Ø M A S ➤
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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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