Geometry Dash MegaHack for MacOS FREE // Geometry Dash 2.11

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

Accurate percent, Practice Song Bypass, Noclip, Free Jump, NoSpike, Rainbow Icons, Attempt hider, No Particles, Instant death, D blocks always on (sliding wave), Copyhack, Object Limit Bypass, no C mark, Custom Object Limit Bypass, Zoom Hack, Max Custom Objects Bypass, Group Bypass, Don’t exit hacked level, No Menu Transitions, Song Bypass, Moderator Hack, FPS Bypass, Text Bypass and SpeedHack.

Download from Discord –

Download from Mediafire –

Camden’s Youtube –

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Song Used –

Step 1)
Make sure GD is closed, then run the ModLoaderInstaller file. Once opened, click Start Setup, then Default and afterwards you can close it.

(If you can’t open it because it’s from an “Unverified Developer”, you need to right-click on it and press Open. This pops up a window asking if you are sure at which point you can open it from there.)

Step 2) Afterwards, you can open GD. The way MegaHack works is by dropping the dylib file onto the game window, and “attaching” it to MH to link the two together.
Make sure the green plus symbol appears before dropping it onto the game.

Step 3)
Open MegaHack and open the GD tab in the navigation bar, then press Attach. You can also do ⌘A.

Every time you close the game, you only have to do
the second and third steps (unless you uninstall and
reinstall the game, then you have to do the first step
as well).

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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