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When I saw this level, I definitely had to showcase it for a number of reasons that I will get to in a second. All I have to say right now though is that the 6 months of work took to build this definitely shows well from a creator with no CP. Honestly, I could easily see this being his first creator points and featured level.

This level can definitely have a little lackluster execution in some parts and could use polish, that said there’s SO much to make up for that, and this creator is just starting so I wouldn’t really blame them too much. The ideas, theming and atmosphere of this level are what take the cake and make it so cool. You travel through a radiation factory and have to escape after a radiation leak occurs. You go through multiple sections, like machines manufacturing acid and radiation, or malfunctioning steam vents. It’s very progressive, just like levels such as Mountain Climb, which honestly are becoming some of my favorite types of levels. The attention to detail in this is also insane. There’s steam coming out of the vents, the lights all flicker, and there are even splash effects when you go through radiation. That kind of attention to detail along with the well themed atmosphere is why this really stands out to me, even if some parts are considered messy. It has so much unique charm because of all of the things going on in the factory, all of the cool ideas and the detail they all have. Overall, the theming was executed so well, and it actually feels like you’re traversing every part of a huge factory. There are so many ideas to base off of that one theme and Alpha Rainbow nailed them!

The gameplay in this is really good. It can be hard to read sometimes, but it syncs very well, and it’s really fun with some great pacing along with the song. The constant speed your player goes to try and escape the factory really makes the gameplay mean more. It’s also very intense at times which also fits very well with the song and theming. Overall, I found the gameplay really fun and enjoyable, great job on that Alpha!

To conclude, this is a great example of what a lot of levels overlook, and that’s the attention to detail. There are a lot of factory levels and radiation levels out there, but only a few have so many ideas as cool as this. The foregrounds and backgrounds are really detailed, filled to the brim with pipes and boxes. Everything moves and brings the level to life. This really does feel like you are escaping a factory because of the hectic pace and cool touches on everything. This definitely has a lot of charm, unique ideas, and most importantly AWESOME execution. Definitely check this out, I’m sure Alpha would appreciate it a ton! Let’s hope Alpha can get a deserving feature and first CP on this level! Seriously loved this and recommend you play it! 🙂

-Dance Off- By WaterFlame

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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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