Geometry Dash ~ How to Become a Good Player (From start to finish)

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Geometry Dash tips and tricks to become a better player. I’ve had people ask me how to get better for a long time, so I decided to finally make a video about it.

Here is a list of demons I’ve completed that I recommend doing to improve your skills. Each one has something specific about that it will test you on:

Easy Demons
1) X (One of the easiest demons)
2) Horizon (Easy boss)
3) The Robotic Rush (Robot)
4) Problematic (Wave)
5) Toxin Lab II (Fast paced, many portals)
6) Verity (Gravity Changes w/ Ship)
7) Gold Temple (Ship tight spaces)
8) Takeoff (Fast paced)
9) Death Moon (Little bit of everything, including duals)
10) DeCode (Little bit of everything, slow wave)

Medium Demons
1) Deadlocked (Now is a good time to do this)
2) Clubstep v2 (Harder version of original)
3) Identity (Transition practice)
4) Sirius (Medium difficulty boss fight)
5) Toxin Lab IV (Fast paced, lots of portals)
6) Reanimation (Long level w/ boss fight. Consistency)
7) Jawbreaker (Wave)
8) Lonely Travel (Consistency)
9) Forsaken Neon (Ship, irregular patterns)
10) Dance Massacre (Fast paced, ball timings)
11) Ditched Machine (Dual practice)
12) ToE III (Spider, multi game mode)

Hard Demons
1) Spacelocked (Dual, ship, wave)
2) ToE 2 v2 (Straight wave, reverse ship)
3) Ultra Drivers (Fast Dual)
4) Iridescent (Spider, 4X speed)
5) Forest Temple (Great all around level, all game modes)
6) Araneo (Spider, memorize)
7) Fairydust (Wave)
8) Lit Fuse (Consistency, cube timings)
9) Supersonic (Everything: duals, memorization, ship)

Here are some videos for specific help with certain game modes:
Quasar Straight Fly ►

DefThlow Wave Tutorial ►


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