Geometry Dash Hacked LevelStart Pos hack 2.0

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

This hack is pointless but cool :v

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Intro by Sunin
Intro Run by Veorra
You want a profile pic? They are currently free for 50 subs and up. Email me at [email protected] or add me on Skype, Wolfstar GD.
~Level Info~
Harder no stars

Song used in NK – Nine Circles
Song link [Newgrounds]:
~About me~
I am a Geometry Dash creator and player, who also makes profile pics for people and banners. I usually try to upload once a day, or once every 2 days. Wolves are my favorite animal and green is my favorite color.
Geometry Dash Wolfstar

GD Wolfstar
You are still reading this? Lenny is proud ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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DOWNLOAD (pc/android):

Thanks to SomeDude!!!
This is my geometry dash private server!
join and get mod by being good guy.
Here are the

Here are the Commands/Things you’ll get if you got Moderator In XGDPS.

7.If you got @» Helper :Helper~2: You can rate and featured levels. You have no color Text.
Your !feature Feature a level | !rate na 0 Unrate a level.

6.If you got @» Mod :Mod~3: You can rate/feature/epic levels. Your color Green
Your !epic Epic a level.

5.If you got @» VIP :VIP~2: You can rate/feature/epic levels. +RateDifficulty and Rate demon. Your color Orange
Your Click on demon button and rate change demon diff.

4.If you got @» Admin :Admin~2: You can rate/feature/epic/unepic levels. You’ll have the commandVerifycoins. +RateDifficulty and Rate demon . Your color Red
Your !rate demon 10 1 1 Verify Coins (demon 10 stars).

3.If you got @» Elder Mod :Elder_ You can rate/feature/epic/unepic levels. You’ll have the commandVerifycoins.and you can BAN players (ONLY HACKERS) +RateDifficulty and Rate demon ! Your Color Pink
Your Tell me if there is a hacker and i will give u link to ban.

2. If you got @» Legendary :Legendary~3: You can Do everything all the mods can do. + You can create MAP PACKS + Set daily levels! Your color Gold.
Your !daily + i will send u link for create packs

1.If you got @» Co-Owner :CoOwner~2: You can Do everything all the mods can do. + You can create MAP PACKS + Set weekly, daily levels!!! Your text Black.
Your !weekly Set a weekly demon for the future. | !daily Set a daily level for the future.

And Thats it! Read #how-to-get-mod to know how to get every single Role and Mod 🙂
Thx for reading. @everyone

@everyone here are the

XcreatorGoalYesterday at 1:35 PM
@everyone Here is the new server downloads! Go save on the old server and download

Android :

Here is the full updated mod list of the Geometry Dash server by XcreatorGoal! :Helper~2: :Mod~3: :VIP~2: :Admin~2: :Elder_ :Legendary~3: :CoOwner~2:

1. @Vermeign :Helper~2:
2. @
3. @Thunderfang101 :Helper~2:
4. @Blexood :Helper~2:

:Helper~2: 4 Helpers! :Helper~2:
1. @Tree :Mod~3:
2. @Dorayes :Mod~3:

:Mod~3: 2 Mods! :Mod~3:
1. @✶SultanKingGD✶ :VIP~2:
2. @Srash :VIP~2:
3. @Yeet :VIP~2:
4. @Bentai in Time :VIP~2:

:VIP~2: 4 VIP! :VIP~2:
1. @DashyBois :Admin~2:
2. @GDTicLos :v :Admin~2:

:Admin~2: 2 Admins! :Admin~2:
1. @Kolli (REQ ON) :Elder_
2. @Magma :Elder_
3. @NeonBlaze :Elder_
4. @AsrielGD

:Elder_ 4 Elder Mods! :Elder_

1. @XcreatorGoalJR :Legendary~3:

:Legendary~3: 1 Legendary! :Legendary~3:
1. @DJ Wylie :CoOwner~2:

:CoOwner~2: 1. Co-Owner :CoOwner~2:

Here are the mod levels after the series
1. @» Helper :Helper~2:
2. @» Mod :Mod~3:
3. @» VIP :VIP~2:
4. @» Admin :Admin~2:
5. @» Elder Mod :Elder_
6. @» Legendary :Legendary~3:

#geometrydash #gdps

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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