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Another Unzor level, another banger. Speaking of banger, it’s nice to see more Dunderpatrullen songs used. The ones I’ve heard in the game so far are all very good in my opinion. This level is one I’ve been anticipating for a while now, which is starting to become common with Unzor levels for me. If you’re active on Twitter, you should go give him a follow. He posts little previews there every now and then. This level is definitely not my favorite by him, but it’s once again a very fun and good looking level. I like the game theme it has going for it, starting off with a part that feels like a loading screen and ending off with “Game over.” It includes a bossfight at 0:55, which is very nice to see from Unzor. The design is as expected very nice, but its attacks are a bit uninspired in my opinion. Of course, this is a rather easy level, so you’re somewhat limited in what you can do to not make it require a lot of memorization. It’s still a cool boss, though, and the attacks Unzor made look very good. I would really like to see Unzor make an Easy Demon some day with his amazing style, which could perhaps feature a longer bossfight. This level will definitely get an Epic rating and a high place on the featured list.

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Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11)
Haze N Blaze by Unzor
How To Adventure by Dunderpatrullen



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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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