Geometry Dash Genesis – All levels, coins and icons unlocked (0.3)

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

For those who can tell the similarities between me and Uni, here’s a video where I beat all levels, collect all coins and unlock all icons in Geometry Dash Genesis, as of update 0.3


Also there are even more secrets in this game as a bonus, but they are too minor for me to show them off and I’d like you to do them yourself:
-Easter egg 1: In the first level (Sparkle of light), collect all 3 coins and then backtrack to the start. There will be a jump pad that lets you get over to the left.
-Easter egg 2: In the 3rd level (Clutterfunk 2), when you reach the first Capsule mode, backtrack to the start in capsule mode and you should be able to go over to the left.
-Easter egg 3: In the secret level (Crimson Clutter), there is a secret way that leads you to top left of the level. 2much to explain where to go.
-Debug cheats: In the vault of secrets, write down “gamemode debug” and you will be able to switch between gamemode anytime ingame. You can also write “god debug” which makes hazards not kill you. You can deactivate these by writing down the code again.

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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