Geometry Dash Creating Tool | Infinite Scale + Exact Degree Rotation

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

I updated the tool. Now you don’t need to exit and return to the level, instead, once you modify an object you can see the change right in front of your eyes 😀
However, you must not be on the editor menu screen (where you can see all the buttons like “Save and Exit”).

I remind that if you have suggestions to hacks that are useful and not harmful, then tell me.
I made some more possibly harmful hacks (if fallen to the wrong hands) so I’m not going to publish them publicily.

Also, you must NOT share this program to the public unless you fully credit me.

– Your computer must be Windows. Will not work on anything else.
– It’s most likely (not certain) that these hacks work ONLY for the bought version of Geometry Dash. This means that if you have a cracked version, don’t expect the hacks to work on it.

If your computer is a 64-bit

If your computer is a 32-bit

If you’re unsure whether you’re 32 or 64 bit, then get the 32-bit version (although try to find how to check your system).
After you downloaded, save it on your computer and double click it to run it.
Now, once you’ll run it, there’s a high chance your computer will say it’s a malicious file and must not be opened.
I assure you this is false alarm that always happens when you download .exe files from an unknown place, but in case you don’t believe
These are virus scans of the program. As you can see, while only 1 anti-viruses thinks it’s a virus, 57 think it’s completely

Have fun with the tool! 🙂

TAK – PAE-KI (meganeko Remix):
Cubed³ – Red
Creator Contests/Tournaments People Won!:
– CT 1: Tsukifuto!
► 45/50
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In-Game-Name ► GD Noam

Thanks for watching! you’re awesome 🙂

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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