Geometry Dash Android Tutorial:Riot’s Mini Icons (Outdated)

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

Today,I am gonna show you how to have Riot’ mini icons which are interchangeable.Here are the things you need!(Sorry for BackGround noises :P)

Geometry Dash Apk:All unlock or Normal-Hack Link:
Apk Editor
Geometry Dash Riot TP Medium Graphics by GeometryDash826-Link:
Fire Trail(Optional)
No Trail(Optional)
Here We Go

1)Install GD Apk and press Done
2)Download GD Riot TP and wait
3)Open 7zipper,go to SD card storage,find downloads,extract Riot TP hd2
4)Go to Apk Editor and choose “Select apk from app”
5)Choose GD and click “Simple Edit”
6)Choose Assets and find “GJ_GameSheet02-hd.plist”
7)Replace it with the GameSheet from Riot TP folder in the “Downloads”
8)Optional:Add fire trail and/or no trail(blank/black picture)
9)Click save,wait,and install
10)Open GD and enjoy!
11)Optional:Tell in the comments if you have any problems and tell if this tutorial helped or not :D!

Songs in the video:
Dry Out by DJVI
DJVI’s SoundCloud:
Supernova by Xtrullor
Xtrullor’s Youtube Channel:

Hope you understood.Sorry if it is messy,it is my first time doing this :/.OK,hope you enjoyed and see ya :D!
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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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