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this is a fucking joke right
like there’s no way this is real

1st Coin – 1:00 (96%)


2nd Coin – 1:00 (96%)

no fucking way

3rd Coin – 1:00 (96%)

are you shitting me


The daily level uploaded are numbered by Steam daily levels, the first level to have appeared on Steam being one, and so on. There are about 30 more levels that were released on mobile. The descriptions that appear below about these levels are simply my harsh critique and opinions on the level. They shouldn’t be taken too personally or seriously. No hate towards the creators of these levels, simply just pointing out suggestions and flaws with the level.

“Hipofisis by Paolih”

Yeah I wanted to ask, is this some sort of early April Fools joke?

I am literally still in denial from what the fuck I have just witnessed here. I never thought that not only there would be this much fucking uncreativity in an aspect of a level, but that Robtop would actually fucking go “yeah this is ok approve it”.

So I spent maybe 10 minutes looking through the level, and there were literally no signs of the fucking coins. So I thought to myself, “oh god they’re fucking invisible aren’t they”. I went through in normal mode, jumped around like a crackhead, and literally couldn’t find anything even halfway through the level. Hmmm..I remember this one level that gave a free coin every third of the level, maybe it’s like that. I got to like 75% of the level, and there was still absolutely fucking nothing.

And then this horrifying thought came to me.

What if, all three coins were free….and invisible…at the very end of the level.

The horrifying thought haunted me. I there is no fucking way someone could possibly be this fucking lazy with coins. There is no fucking way.

I played the level in anticipation, and watched as the percentage at the top slowly….and slowly ticked higher and higher towards the 100% mark.

And as I approached 96%, I was met with the most horrifying image I have ever seen in 2 years of my daily level career.

Three…silver…shining….coins. Jumped out at me.


I shit you not, I literally took both of my hands, slapped them to my faces, and slowly brought my head into the fucking desk after seeing that. I’m not even joking.

This is literally the epitome of the shit user coin. There is literally no fucking way you can get any lower than this even if you tried. I watched another video made before, and it turned out that the coins weren’t even in the level before. It was a fucking coinless level before. This is a fucking pathetic attempt at trying to appeal to the casual player by enticing them with “SUPRISE 3 FREE COINS FOR U :3333” in order to boost opinion of your level. All it does is give casual players an artificial method of boosting stats and ruining the value of user coins by just flooding the system with free coins. One is already pretty bad. All fucking three. It’s ridiculous. I say coins are supposed to be skilled based and challenging, and not hard to find in levels with ridiculously complicated coins. The same goes with free coins. There needs to be a fucking challenge. Even those one click coins are better than this.

What makes this even stupider is how Robtop fucking approved the coins himself. Remember when levels had brown coins that didn’t count towards your stats because they were too easy or free? Well apparently these coins are good enough to add to your total. This is exactly why I keep saying Robtop either needs to get his shit together and focus on rating better levels or making the game fucking work, or just get other people to do stuff. Because he is clearly incapable of doing either, let alone both at the same time.

And I still haven’t even fucking talked about any other aspects of this level. Maybe SOME parts looked slightly unique. Maybe. But there are so many parts with large empty backgrounds showing. The parts don’t seem to be cohesive, ranging from all glow to generic. And the gameplay has so many fucking popups, even if they don’t affect gameplay that much it’s still overboard.

I honestly don’t know what to say anymore. The standards just don’t exist. Completely obliterated. Kaboom. The coins are absolutely ridiculous. I spent 25 fucking minutes typing this shit and delaying the upload.

God. Damn.

also please don’t fucking tell me that the level name is supposed to be “hypothesis”. If that is what it’s based off I’m jumping out my window.

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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