Geometry Dash 2.11 | Daily Level #718 – Code by Anubis GD [2 Coins]

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1st Coin – 0:08 (10%)
2nd Coin – 0:40 (62%)

Level Song:

Q: Why are your descriptions suddenly like this?

A: I have decided to cease giving out any more criticism for the rest of 2018, and instead will be giving the creator community “what they want” by showing them in blind praise regardless of how negative my true opinions of the level are. The description is completely copy pasted and robotic, with me only replacing the creator name and level name in the brackets. The commenters will act upon my behalf as the true judgement of my opinions.

For more information on why I am doing this, please view the description in this video link.

“Code by Anubis GD”

WOW another [AMAZING] level by [ANUBIS GD]!!! I absolutely [LOVED] playing [CODE]. It was so [FUN] and [AWESOME] just like all of [ANUBIS GD’S] other levels! The decoration is absolutely [STUNNING]!!!! This is definitely one of my [FAVORITE] levels of all time!!!! Definitely deserved to be [EPIC’D]. Every single thing in this level is absolutely [PERFECT]. There are [ZERO] things to complain about in this level!!! [WOW]!!!! [LOVE IT]!!!!

This is day two of my silence.
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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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