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“Idk by Bunch (Harder 7*)”

on the 144th day of quarantine
yeah that level name pretty much sums up this game

Rapid fire, let’s go.

First thing. Generally there’s two conclusions I come to when I can’t sight-read a level too easily and pass it within 3 nanoseconds. The first and most common conclusion is that the level is unreadable because it is unreadable, because of the fucking seizures and blindness. Or two, the gameplay is unique enough to the point where I haven’t encountered these sorts of combos and stuff. I definitely think this time is the second one.

A couple of the most notable aspects of this. The cube and whatever hitting the ceiling, constricting orb sections to tighter spaces. That’s definitely interesting. And of course, orbs in UFOs that actually serve a purpose, again constricting the playing field into a denser area, and therefore making it more dynamic and interesting. We’ve got that slight repetition I’ve talked about before going on with the grounded gamemodes as well, and overall pretty good. Additionally, visuals were pretty nicely spread out, didn’t find anything ridiculously cluttered nor empty. Which is good for readability.

There were a couple of drawbacks that prevent this level from being free of flaws though. For one thing, a couple of sections felt rather desynced, at least on my end. This included the final set of orbs and double-tap at the end of the UFO around 0:40, as well as the coin jump at the very end. Furthermore, I found the teleport transitions to be unnecessary. In the editor, it’s sort of three different chunks of the level lying around, and ideally a continuous level would feel more connected and flowing. Of course, if there’s a reason for this, it’s not that bad either way, but still.

Now, we get to the big ouch. The coins. Firstly, two free coins doesn’t hurt, and at least they were visible, but again with that whole valuation of coins and inflation. All of that high school economics bullshit. It sort of comes off as almost a bribe. You know, free coins for more positive thoughts. Obviously, that’s probably not the intent, but that’s what it comes off as. Unless of course they aren’t free, and I just got the prerequisites without even knowing there were any.

Really, what we care about the most is that third coin. It’s one of those “timing so it’s technically skill based but with such a small window that RNG has to play a part of it at least” coins. And worst yet, it’s right at the end, so if you miss it, you complete the level. And in my case, I have to force reset. I feel like coins should be treated like a normal route, both in gameplay and in *death*. If I miss it, shoot me.

I just remembered the thing I wanted to talk about before as well, so let’s briefly go over that.

Triggers in the level to ensure you’re hitting stuff. That’s all fine and well, and actually good practice. The problem is when you actually hit an orb, and you survive, but the gear doesn’t go away because you didn’t hit the orb at the PRECIsE moment. Obviously we know to remove the gear you have to hit the orb in that spot, but we have to treat players like they’re fucking stupid. Which a couple creators have no problem doing already. “TAP” “JUMP” “HEY DO YOU KNOW YOU NEED A COMPUTER TO PLAY THIs :O”. But yeah, basically, we can’t see a trigger, and so we shouldn’t be expected to take it into account. The triggers that cause the gears to disappear when hitting the orb should be extended a bit back as well to account to pre-tapping orbs, where the player will still hit it even though they clicked a little bit before it.

But overall, minus the slightly irking third coin and bugs, I found the level to be quite well.


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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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