Geometry Dash 2.11 | Daily Level #1294 Midway by DSprint 2 Coins

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1st Coin – 0:44 (44%) [Collectible – 0:11 (10%), Trigger – 0:25 (25%), Collectibles – 0:28 (27%), 0:32 (31%), Trigger – 0:38 (37%)]
2nd Coin – 1:09 (88%) [Trigger – 1:00 (71%)]


“Midway by DSprint (Harder 6*)”

on the 122nd day of quarantine
fuck my life

Every time I change the damn settings in the video editor to render an IRL video or something, I fucking forget to change it back for the daily video. I was wondering, “why the hell is this taking so long”, it’s because I was rendering a 1080p60 video in 4K60.

Anyway, holy F-R-A-C-K, a moderately interesting level. Alright, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement, because I fucking hate using “super good! duper uber cool level!” But yeah, it’s pretty interesting.

I never thought animation would be an aspect of a level, but here it is. The defining feature of the level in fact. The fucking munchy things at 0:04 have a very slick animation. While that’s all fine and dandy, what makes this stuff even better is when it’s integrated into the gameplay and mechanics of the level.

Like 0:30. Screw those platforms.

No, that wasn’t a hateful comment, they’re literally fucking screws that move up and down. I think the only thing that would make this cooler, if in a level, you had to do some sort of Mario thing where you go on top of a screw and jump to spin it around, bringing you to new heights. That wouldn’t be very intuitive and readable, but it could be done.

0:43, again, I’m really into these fucking animations. Using the hammer that was picked up before to smash the glass box containing the coin, it just feels extremely satisfying.

While we’re on this hype train though, let’s take a step back. One drawback is that the first coin has a lot of invisible prerequisites. Yeah I know, “but there’s a fucking flash here and if you zoom in with your Nikon camera to 500x magnification you can see these pulsing pixels and VLJNVWNVWE”. Alright, that was a bit of an exaggeration. But the point is, a little flashy thing indicating an invisible collectible prerequisite, is the equivalent of writing your name on a test and saying you “attempted it”. Yeah it’s technically not 100% invisible, but most of the difficulty for half of those came from just knowing what to do.

0:11 is one of the prerequisites I’m talking about. Although to be completely fair, the skull is completely visible, but it’s the method of getting it that’s invisible. However, the mere existence of said skull would imply that there is a method to get it, and the player would just have to look for it. However, in a case like the invisible trigger at 0:25, that edge case doesn’t work. And funnily enough, the next prerequisite is virtually free as you go through the ship portal at 0:28…but completely visible. Really, the collectible could have just been put in the invisible trigger’s place and been visible.

Another issue I have with that coin is the lack of consistency. Typically when there’s multiple steps, you want to have everything consistent for maximum clarity. Unlock this coin, you get three minicoins. Or five potion things. There is one goal to be on the lookout for. In this case, you’re first looking for a skull, then a virtually invisible trigger with a sparkle, a potion, a custom art hammer trigger, another invisible trigger (although to be fair it’s where the lock was before). You get the point. All of these different things, it’s not really clear where the commonality is leading up to unlocking a single coin.

The second coin does better with this. You knock the blocks, give them the old one-two. And it unlocks a thing with the same blocks indicating the location. Additionally, the prerequisites themselves sort of stand out. I also really am a fan of how the breakable blocks were only accessible using a certain the UFO. I found that rather interesting.

Decoration wise, it varied. The colors could look rather swampy at some points, and overly outlined/crude in others. But it wasn’t to the point where it caused projectile vomiting, it just sort of stood out as not that appealing.

But again, the animations alone carry a lot of the weight in the level. And there is definitely a lot of potential given cleaner surroundings, more filling, constriction, and cohesion, and centering timing windows in the center in terms of gameplay.

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This is only for pc/steam version and is not an android apk at all

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