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on the 68th day of quarantine
god FUCK

I’m having one of those fucking 180° moments. Yeah I’m going to fucking talk about GTA again, because there’s like never anything fun to talk about in this game without being yelled at.

Which speaking of getting yelled at, yeah. As I was saying, I was enjoying GTA and started to get into the online mode, until I fucking remembered something. If a game is mainstream, free-to-play, or anything that gets it large and easy access, the community is going to be full of fucking degenerates and 9 year olds. Like do you want a list of things that fucking annoyed mejust in the past day? Here it is.

1) A bunch of hackers riding in super powered suvs that accelerate completely impossible to the physics of the game.

2) Do a mission. Fucking die. One WTF HOW DO YOU DIE. Another guy. IKR. By the way, like two headshots can take you from full HP to dead.

2a) The guy who fucking said, “HOW DO YOU DIE WTF”, fucking died the next attempt. I so fucking badly wanted to go, “LMAO HOW DO YOU DIE”. And of course, no one said jack shit when they died.

2b) I could tell the age from just how they type. Like the mission we blew up a plane and they basically went WOWOWO sO EPICE COOL, which made my neck shrivel into my chest cavity.

3) Got called a hacker for using guns. In GTA. “fukin noob ****”

4) Another mission. Requires two people, unfortunately for me. Pull up to the place, get ambushed, we both die within seconds of each other and run out of team lives. The fucking guy goes, “yeah dude just don’t show up”. First of all, I was right next to him, taking cover the bullets that can two shot me while he’s running out in the open. And second of all, I was right fucking next to him.

5) These complete asswipes were trying to bait kids into joining a discord server and paying them real world money for hacked in game currency.These cunts can go fuck themselves, in any game.

6) Literally after every minigame match, fucking kids are going, “EZ”. EZ. EZ. Your fucking mom was easy, shut the FUCK UP. I can do the fucking 9 year old insults too, see?

That is all in one day. Like at least in GD it’s a singleplayer game that people somehow make toxic. In GTA, you’re forced to play with these people for some missions.

i really need to get a crew of friendlies honestly

That concludes an over the top rant from a severely irked gamer.

seriously add me and save me from this hell
i fucking suck at the game but please end my suffering

#geometrydash #dailylevel #work

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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