Geometry Dash 2.1 Insane Save Editor Thanks for 30k subs

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

Hi guys!
This is my thanks for the 30.000 subs!
With this save editor you can do everything!
this is a beta so if you have problem comment the video or send an email to [email protected]

-base64 error fixed (thanks wolfenGD for the testing help)
-fixed error to read the save

Hacks available
-achievements hacks
-stats hacks
-offline level stats hack
-complete any level
-complete all gauntlets
-complete all map packs
and more….

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In this video, learn 5 ways in SketchUp to cut holes and create openings in your geometry!

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#1 – Using the Push Pull tool
Obviously simply drawing a shape on your flat objects and push/pulling it to the back to automatically delete the face is the easiest. When possible, utilize this as much as possible, as it’s the simplest. However, when you start doing things with curved surfaces or surfaces that intersect, you can start running into problems.
#2 – Using intersect with model
While the first option is the easiest, sometimes (like in the case of curved surfaces), the push/pull tool simply won’t work. With this method, intersect a pair of shapes, then right click and select intersect with model. This will create edges where your geometry intersects. Then simply delete out the remaining geometry!
#3 – Creating a Cut Component
Using the component tools, you can create a component that cuts a hole in whatever face that it’s resting in. Simply draw a rectangle on a face, double click to select it and its edges, then right click to make a component. You can make it a component that locks to faces on a specific axis, or to any geometry it touches. Then check the box for cut opening and create your component. However, the drawback to this is that this tool only works in individual faces, not faces with any depth
#4 – Use the extension Double Cut
Mindsight Studios has an extension that can cut holes in walls with multiple faces, so you could cut an opening in a wall with thickness using this extension. It basically almost just runs in the background, and when you create a cut component with depth, allows you to cut openings in multiple faces.
#5 – Use Solid Tools’ subtract function
Solid tools is a set of tools that gets included with the pro version of SketchUp – it contains a number of tools designed to help you with creating interactions with solid geometry. However, the tool that we’re interested in is the subtract tool, which allows you to delete out geometry wherever the two pieces of geometry intersect.


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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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