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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

Will change your save file to a hacked one, you can easily go back to your old account.
Works in ALL Geometry Dash versions.
1.0 → 2.11 it works.


Not a very powerful hack. Use only for fun XD
Geoxor – You I

🔥OmniGeometry – The Ultimate Sacred Geometry Designer Software

OmniGeometry is designed to generate geometric formations based on recursive geometrical shapes. Everything in OmniGeometry is based on layers and their parameters. Each layer contains over 40 parameters that you can edit, and instantly see the changes in the formation.

When using Photoshop, Illustrator or other traditional image editing software for creating recursive or sacred geometry patterns, you have to use tools that are not designed for this task. This will require a lot of work, time and fine-tuning on your part in order to get similar results as with OmniGeometry.

With OmniGeometry you have a clean dashboard that allows you to easily and effortlessly create infinite geometric patterns with the touch of a button.

The OmniGeometry engine enables you to create perfect recursive geometry in a matter of seconds, as opposed to countless hours when drawn by hand.

OmniGeometry literally takes the compass and pen concept to the next level. It is specifically designed for drawing a shape recursively, over and over, with multiple levels of depth, like a tree that has leaves and branches, letting you at the same time adjust all the parameters real-time.

For example, increasing the recursion depth helps you find new patterns out of the same base formation.

Doing this by hand or with traditional designer software is close to impossible as on each level of recursion the number of points increases exponentially. This means that if the first level of recursion has 8 points, the next level would be 64 and by the time you get to the third level of recursion you are dealing with 4096 points!

Can you imagine drawing 4096 formations with a program like Photoshop or by hand? With OmniGeometry this would literally take you less than 5 seconds and just 4 clicks on the recursion parameter setting.

You can export high-resolution versions of your scenes either as lossless PNG files, or infinite resolution vector versions that are perfect for prints and physical designs.

With OmniGeometry smooth interface you can easily enter the zone of your creative process and stay in the flow by avoiding unnecessary time-consuming tasks.

Once you have found a stunning static geometric design, you can bring it to life with the animation features of OmniGeometry. Each layer can be scaled, rotated and have their colors changed, allowing you to create mesmerizing animated sacred geometry patterns.

Combined with the animation, you can trace your animated scenes to create beautiful, static bitmap images. Tracing means each frame of animation is drawn on top of the previous frame thus creating mesmerizing and smooth color patterns.

With OmniGeometry you can easily design Sacred Geometry like the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, platonic solids, fractals and toroids in a matter of seconds.

With OmniGeometry there is no installation required as it runs on directly on your browser. And since you can save all your templates to our cloud, you can work from ANYWHERE you want.

OmniGeometry Features
✅Interactive Recursive Geometry Generator
✅Video Tutorials
✅Helpful Graphics
✅High-Resolution Images
✅PNG and PDF Exports
✅Cloud Saving and Uploading

✅Interactive Recursive Geometry Generator
✅Video Tutorials
✅Helpful Graphics
✅High-Resolution Images
✅PNG and PDF Exports
✅Cloud Saving and Uploading
✅Advanced Animation Sequence Exportation
✅Offline version (available for MacOS only, PC version will be out soon)

🔥OmniGeometry – The Ultimate Sacred Geometry Designer Software
✅Check out all the details…it’s well worth a ►

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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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