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Information of each of the 10 levels

Gameplay by me

Anyone can easily beat this level. The secret way is really early on in the level. The secret isn’t too hard as most people can do it it under 10 attempts.
If you want a first demon then this is the one

2-Green Demon
Gameplay by me

This one is quite a bit more difficult than its predecessor. It is debatable if its harder with or without its secret way. If you can pass the secret way 3 times in a row, then go for it. i recommend you have at least The Nightmare or The Lightning Road completed.

3-Ruined Planet
Gameplay by me

This one is another step up from Green Demon. The blue orb part is really difficult so get ready for that. But the secret way is pretty easy once you learn it and can usually do it 1st attempts. I recommend you have Clubstep or TOE II completed or some demon of their difficulty.

4-Flappy Weird
Gameplay by me

This is slightly harder than ruined planet. The beginning is annoying but you can get consistent at it. Practice the UFO secret way a lot. This secret way is harder than Green demon secret way. I recommend Clubstep or TOE !! completed.

5-Supreme Lab Origins
Gameplay by me

This was has an interesting secret way and is the same difficulty of Flappy weird. The only reason this level is harder is because of how cancer the beginning is. Again I recommend Clubstep and TOE II completed

Gameplay by me

This one has the 2nd hardest secret way in the entire video. The beginning is pretty easy and you can do it almost every attempts. Practice the secret way as much as you can. I recommend that you have beaten Electrodynamix and TOE 2 since they have hard ships.

7-Cycle v2 S
Gameplay by KrMaL

This levels sucks a lot. I didnt bother rebeating this after I realized I had Shadowplay off. The secret way is like ruined planet but with 1 timing, I recommend you have beaten Deadlocked or Decode and a lot of cancer pre 1.7 demons.

8-Dorabae choose way4
Gameplay by Superchat

This level sucks even more the cycles v2 s. I didnt even bother playing this. It has way to many blind triple spikes. Secret way is super easy too. I recommend that you have beaten a SideStep.

9-Midnight sun
Gameplay by me

This levels gameplay is the worst gameplay in any rated level I have ever beat. The first 12% is extremely difficult. The 5% ship timing is complete luck and the 12% wave. This is a huge step up from dorabae choose way 4. The secret way timing is only possible on 60fps. The secret way is pretty easy. I recommend you have beaten a few hard demons like Forsaken Neon or Jawbreaker.

Gameplay by me

This is the probably the hardest secret way demon I have and ever will beat. The wave require lots of precise movements and control. It took me almost 3 hours of playtime to beat it and this level made me switch from OBS to Shadowplay because it paused during the secret way for 2 seconds. The secret way never really get consistent but is extremely satisfying to do. I recommend you have at least 1 insane demon focused around the wave game mode like Poltergeist. Took me nearly 2k attempts

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