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English version (THANK YOU ZEREX):Today im going to talk about a GD “player” called Buli who became famous because of pre-record a streaming of BB.
How do i know he pre-recorded it? First thing is to watch the stream. he had it saved but twitch deleted it i asked him to give it to me (he has it saved) but he refuses to give it Does he have something to hide? Luckily, in one of his videos there are little fragments.
Stream was like this, Do you see something weird?
He doesn’t show the taskbar
He doesn’t show game`s window border. i mean this bar where the name of the window appears. Why hide it? Why does he have to do that? You know why he did it? Simple,to hide that its not the actual game but a video.After completing the level,Buli makes the stream entirely back and you can hear clicking. Why meanwhile “he played it” we could not hear any clicking? Oh wait, its a video,not the game What is he doing? Why does he black out the stream? He says because he has personal photos that were open,sincerely i think you are a little bit grown up to distinguish what`s true and what`s a lie. meanwhile he “closes the photos” he is completely silent, he doesn’t mention anything about the photos, and when the streaming comes back you can see his GD opened on the menu. Why does he appear on the menu if he was on the level? Buli says that while “he closed the photos” closed the game by accident and he opened it again Why doesn’t he mention it while it happens? Let me explain you, because he invented those 4 year old excuses after uploading the video. Basically what he did was black out the stream so he could close the pre-recorded video,Open GD and make it look “credible” This doesnt convince you? dont worry, there is more proof. After closing the video and open actual GD,Buli opens Bloodbath What does happen when he opens it?The level auto-updates and gains 500 likes automatically. When you are A LOT of time without playing a level (Buli only was streaming for 20 minutes until that) it deletes automatically and when you enter the level it downloads and updates. if it got auto-updated it was because a lot of time passed by without Buli opening the level,but Wasnt he playing it just a while ago?No, it was a pre-recorded video, he was not actually playing GD Still you are not convinced? Dont worry, its not over yet
Photo showing the orbs pops up The image explains everything,i dont have to say anything.Last piece of evidence. the re-shown, the re-shown is an VIDEO effect (Impossible to have it on a streaming) That Sony vegas adds automatically when you open a video What`s the matter about this effect? Before the black out, when he “beats” BB there`s re-shown,more evidence that the streaming was pre-recorded. Also after the black out,the effects dissapears with no trace Why? easy, because if there is no VIDEO, there is no more re-shown. According to Buli,there`s re-shown because the streaming was at “480p 25fps” and because he was playing at 60/144fps (With his lies i dont know if i that`s true)You couldn’t see any frames and there was re-shown. As i said before,that`s an VIDEO effect, the circumstances dont matter, its impossible that it appears on a live streaming. And if you start thinking about that you wouldn’t find any sense, if the game was 60/144hz and buli only “restreams” 25fps the streaming would look laggy with skipped frames,it wouldn’t generate re-shown.If even after showing this you still trust him let me tell you that you are a mind closed fanboy unable to think.regards

Nivel 10 de Geometry Dash World “Monster Dance Off” Superado al 100%.

Bueno, no ha salido la 2.1 aún pero éste juego está hecho en base a la 2.1 que ya está lista y que debería salir antes del 23 de Diciembre.


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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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