eSpeak Part 1 Installing eSpeak

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Installing eSpeak Part(1)

1. Introduction to eSpeak (00:19)
2. Downloading Files (04:38)

3. Installing eSpeak (10:43)
4. Installing MRBOLA.exe (30:15)
5. Installing MBROLA voices (36:28)
6. Installing eSpeak Edit. (44:30)

Link to eSpeak sourceforge page

Download the espeak and espeakedit zip files there and unzip them. You’ll need some of these files later.


sudo apt-get install espeak

Get and Install MBROLA exe


git clone



sudo cp Bin/mbrola /usr/bin/mbrola

Download and install MBROLA voices

The make the following

sudo mkdir /usr/share/mbrola

Copy the voices you want from the following website.

Then change to the directory you just made

cd /usr/share/mbrola

Create folders the same name as the voices you downloaded. In this example it would be as

sudo mkdir us1
sudo mkdir us2
sudo mkdir us3

Now move the voices over from the Downloads folder to the correct voice

(be sure your in the Dowloads folder before excuting the following commands)

sudo mv us1 /usr/share/mbrola/us1
sudo mv us2 /usr/share/mbrola/us2
sudo mv us3 /usr/share/mbrola/us3

Finallly install espeakedit

sudo apt-get install espeakedit

After this it should show up in your desktop menu under Sound & Video and can be launched from the desktop. You can also change the desktop icon and the location of the launcher if you like as shown in the video.

This has just been an introduction to eSpeak as well as the installation of everything associated with eSpeak.

If you just wanted to use eSpeak “as-is” you could just do a sudo apt-get install espeak and just use it as it comes out of the box.

All the additional things we installed here will enable us to modify voices, dictionaries, and other features.

In the next video we’ll look at how we can run eSpeak from Python.

Thanks for watching!

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