Dungeon Lord Time Lapse Level Creation

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This video demonstrates level creation for Dungeon Lord (formerly Darkwurm). We use Unity to create Dungeon Lord, coupled with some powerful editor extensions that allow us to draw a 2D, traditional, table top RPG map and then at the click of a button, build the 3D geometry.

The Editor contains the look of the level, but also the location of NPCs, Items and the connections between tiles so that the player can click a particular button to open a door, or use a particular key or have a whole raft of doors open.

Naturally the whole video is sped up, including the play-through at the end. Note that I have turned off the game-audio and naturally I’m playing in Unity’s IDE.

It took a little less than 42 minutes to create the level and in fact I think it’s taken me longer to edit the video and upload it to YouTube.

Even though I knew the level and the NPCs were easy, the items sparse, it still tuck about 5 minutes to play through, so probably 5-20 minutes of gameplay for 40ish minutes of creation time! Naturally we’ll be taking much longer on each level – probable 8 hours+ per level, for a return of probably 15-60 minutes play per level.

Please note it is very late and I apologise if I over did it on the reverb.

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Dungeon Lord will be out first half 2020 for iOS, OUYA. Android, PC, OSX TBC

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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