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The Pangeo project is building a flexible, open framework for scientific analysis and visualization based on tools widely used in the Python ecosystem. We will demonstrate the flexibility of the system, showing how the user needs only their browser to access the framework via JupyterHub. Data is stored in cloud-friendly formats on Amazon S3, while Xarray provides tools for efficient data manipulation. Dask schedules fine-grained parallelization on a Kubernetes cluster, and PyViz provides interactive visualization. We will also discuss performance, security, and transferability across public cloud platforms, costs to operate, and approaches to encourage a cultural shift in scientific computation.

Python is a powerful and well-supported programming language that’s also a good choice for mathematical modeling. It has special features that make it easy to build and maintain optimization models.

In this one-hour webinar, presented in English, you
– Get an introduction to Python, Gurobi and Jupyter Notebooks
– Learn the basics of model-building, including working with decision variables, constraints, objective function, sums and for-all loops
– Learn through an interactive development process involving actual models as examples
– Gain access to the tools mentioned during the webinar like Anaconda Python and Jupyter Notebook

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Gurobi strives to help companies make better decisions through the use of prescriptive analytics. We provide the best math programming solver, tools for distributed optimization, optimization in the cloud, and outstanding support. We are committed to improving our solver performance and developing tools to help you use Gurobi with more ease.

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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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