An ICERM Public Lecture at Brown University Musical Geometry Games and Multimedia Art

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Members of the community were invited to attend a public lecture that explored the deep connection between elementary musical concepts (chord, scale, voice leading) and basic concepts of recent geometry (quotient space, orbifold, tangent vector). In his talk Dmitri Tymoczko reviewed the principles underlying this connection and then demonstrated some recent applications of these ideas, including a large-scale multimedia work for orchestra and live video, in which the images and sounds explore the same geometrical relationships, musical games in which users directly interact with abstract musical geometries, and new musical instruments based on these same ideas.

ABOUT THE Dmitri Tymoczko studied music and philosophy at Harvard University, and philosophy at Oxford University. He received his PhD in music composition from the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently Professor of Music at Princeton, where he has taught composition and theory since 2002.

October 18, 2021
Brown University

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