?️ GDPS Geometry Dash Private Server Android Tutorial 2020?️

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

Sites Used :
7m.pl (needs payment now)




Fake Geometry Dash for Apk Editor (do not use the real geometry dash) :

GMDPrivateServer-Master (very important) :

GDPSTool by FamryAmri :

go sub to him 🙂

Hex Editor :

Base64Encoder :

make sure to watch whole and pay attention video!!! 🙂
this took me alot of time i hope this helps Pc tutorial Soon..

0:00 Start
0:06 Setting Up The Site/Domain For GDPS
2:09 Downloading GMDPrivateServer
4:35 Editing The Files
7:27 Moving the Files to the Site/Domain
10:09 Setting Up The Database
12:15 Copying libcocos2dcpp.so From the Fake GMD app
12:49 (Hardest Part) Editing Links
15:12 Setting Up The GDPS App
16:25 GDPS done!!!
17:41 How to Mod
22:07 Gauntlet Setup
23:05 Mappack Setup
25:18 Setting Up The Weekly Demon
26:22 Epic Rate 🙂
26:49 Setting Up Daily
28:09 GDPSTools Setup
33:01 Quest Setup
33:33 Bye Lol

Merry Christmas

NSFW Filter, GIF support, transparency support, Level Kicking Bypass, Quicker Processing, Player Following, Resizing, Bug Fixes, More Bugs.

Unison – Reality [NCS Release]


Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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