Как абсолютно бесплатно получить робуксы | создал уровень в geometry dash

Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

Сделал уровень в GD но его не получилось опубликовать( но зато получил кучу халявных робуксов

Finally got to doing this! Here are all of my icons that I have created, up to this date. Who knows, I might make some more when I get to it. Anyways, here are all of them for now. Before I published this video to YouTube, iMovie said there were missing files or something in my video and that they won’t be included when I publish the video, so I have no idea if some of the icons will just not show or not until I watch through the whole video. I did skim through the video preview that pops up right before you upload quick, which isn’t too accurate, but it looked alright to me, so hopefully the whole video was uploaded with no errors or missing pieces. Anyways, I hope you enjoy all of my icons! I know, some of them are very ugly, bad, not visually appealing, etc. but it’s no fun if I don’t show them, right? Big thanks to Superjumpskin for providing me with many cool ideas! He also gave me the idea for the DNA ship, by the way! So yeah, BIG thanks to him. A few others did give me some ideas including MikeVideoGamer, HaoN, Ferdefunke, etc. so big thanks to them too. I also want to give a huge thanks to Rob Topala, Viprin, Etzer, and Michigun for hosting this icon creating contest. If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t have made all of these! Also, huge thanks to Etzer, I had no idea how to make icons with Photoshop before the contest was even announced, so thanks to him for providing a few tutorials on how to get started with icon creating! It REALLY helped and pretty much used all of his methods on most of my icons! Anyways, to be completely honest, I think that my strongest field/gamemode for icon creating was the new 2.2 gamemode. I just think that the best of my talent was shown with these icons the most. I am happy with each and every one of the swingcopters(?) and I just feel like that I put the most work and effort into them. To conclude, I hope you all thought my icons were cool, or at the very least, not THAT bad… More icons to come? We’ll see. Who knows, I might even get to making a texture pack at some point! But for now, let’s get hyped for 2.2, because 6 of my icons have won the contest, and will be seen in FUTURE GEOMETRY DASH OFFICIAL UPDATES! Thanks everyone! Can’t believe how far I’ve come from this! 😉
– Background
– Surface Puffs
– Divinity – Detious
– Within the Sadness (1f1n1ty Remix) – PSMD
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Geometry Dash Online Hack <- Open

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